Welcome to Denise Van Patten’s New Dolls Blog!

Jumeau French Fashion Doll

Portrait Jumeau French Fashion Doll With Wood Body

Welcome! As many of you know, I have been writing about, collecting, and photographing dolls for many years! I was the Doll Collecting Guide at About.com from 1998 through 2012. I am the author of The Official Price Guide to Dolls from Random House’s House of Collectibles. I travel and lecture about dolls, appraise dolls, buy and sell dolls, and, of course, have collected dolls since the early 1990s.

It’s great to be back writing about dolls on a regular basis! I’ll be talking about dolls and doll events here, sharing my doll photography with you, and, I hope, having conversations about dolls with you, my readers on a regular basis.

For those who have wondered where I’ve been for the past two years, due to a diagnosis of severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, I had to close my bricks and mortar doll shop, and I also had to give up writing for About.com. Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, I am very happy to be back! Besides my return to writing, I am resuming my doll-related travels as well as the sale of my antique and vintage dolls on Ruby Lane, and my modern dolls on eBay.

So let’s undertake this new doll adventure together!

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12 Responses to Welcome to Denise Van Patten’s New Dolls Blog!

  1. betty porter says:

    Denise–Am so pleased to see you are back at one of your loves! Was nice to see you at the Garden Tour.

  2. Kimmee says:

    Aww, it is so good to see you feeling better and able to enjoy dolls again. I wish you much luck on your new venture and look forward to sharing in your beautiful dolls again. Hugs, Kimmee

  3. Arlene Martinez says:

    Welcome back.

  4. Hi, Denise,

    I’m also at Dr. E’s Doll Museum, URL above, no period after the www

    Glad to see your blog. I would love to be a follower.

    Good Luck,

  5. Marina says:

    Welcome back my friend!! 🙂 Good to have you back in the doll world!

  6. mary conrad says:

    I wondered where you went and am so glad your feeling better. I really look forward to using your new book. We need your knowledge.
    One of many of your fans,

  7. LLOYD M BROWN says:

    My mother is 103 years old . We found a small doll. Could I send a photo of it to you?
    Lloyd Brown

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